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The Fan Engagement Platform

FanPlay offers a 24/365 fan engagement. The FanPlay platform offers clubs & their stadiums a series of intelligent applications to enhance the fan experience. The benefits of the fan engagement platform include:

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    A new method of personalised communication to and from fans to build excitement & engagement

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    A new method to sell unsold seating capacity on mobile to fans most likely to buy it

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    Mobile data everywhere or WiFi in the Stadium for a better connected fan - giving fans always the content they want

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    A Menu of Functions

    Flexible & scalable platform that connects your other technology partners - including HD WiFi, shopping, ticketing, merchandise, digital games, and access control.

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    Knowing your Fans

    Data Platform - Logs and analyses all fan interactions in your digital ecosystem, providing the richest possible customer profile - Then you are knowing your fans.

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    A known fan-base as an attractive, new personalised channel to address & sell to sponsors.

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    Increasing overall Revenues

    The ability to increase the basket value of the fans in the stadium by reducing reliance on cash & reducing queues at crunch time. Monetising the fans outside the stadium 365 days a year.

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    Track the Fan Spend

    Native payment functionality - means minimal payments lost to third parties & full sight of customer purchase behaviour for ticketing, concession, club shop, concerts, etc.


By Fans... For Fans

FanPlay - The Product

FanPlay shifts the model from generating information to leveraging your existing fan data.

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    Fan App

    Provides a two-way communication channel between the club and the fan.
    For CRM/CEM, editorial and user generated content, 3rd party services, purchasing food and beverages, merchandise, tickets and other services, social engagement with direct messaging and social media support.

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    Dashboards and Predictive Analysis

    See the analytics results and contol the platform.
    Fan profiling, campaign management.

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    Merchant App

    Kiosk and Fan-shop solution.
    Offers and sales, accept payments with the fan App, redeem vouchers, print receipts.

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    FanPlay Platform

    FanPlay services and integration point to dock in third party components.
    Authentication and Identification, API integration, transaction handling including payments.

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FanPlay at a Glance

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    FanPlay brings more fans to your club.

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    FanPlay improves fan interaction & "stickiness" with your club.

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    FanPlay delivers your content & updates faster to your fans.

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    FanPlay provides frictionless payment options to your fan.

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    FanPlay puts more revenue in your club's pocket.

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